Kashaya (health drink)


Are you guilty of downing number of cups of coffee and tea early in the morning and then experiencing acidity throughout the day and jetlag if you are travelling? Then here’s a wonderful substitute that’ll not only give you a kick start but will also help you boost your immunity and keep you in the pink of your health.

Presenting a herbal formulation with many health benefits, specially curated for pleasant travel experience. An excellent drink to keep cough, nagging cold, acidity, nausea at bay, Kashaya is a healthy substitute for caffeine loaded drinks.  Unlike caffeinated drinks which are mainly stimulating, Kashaya which is a blend of traditional Indian spices, maintains balance in our body with its healing properties.

Normally Kashaya is prepared with coriander seeds and cumin seeds alone, but this brand contains additional ingredients like cardamom, black pepper, fennel seeds, dry ginger etc. to help boost its taste and to augment its health benefits.


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